quast-consulting – IT & MORE (QCITM)
Eckernfoerde / Northern Germany

NAV/Navision/BC (ERP)
Development & Consulting
General application development

Solution Focused Consulting (SFBT)
Personal and organizational strategies and solutions

About G.e r r i t Q.u a s t
The IT consultant, programmer and data protection officer, who has been active in the field of business informatics for 25 years, studied law for several semesters and completed further education studies, including in the foundations of international criminal law, US contract- and corporation law, communication science and social psychology. In addition to IT security, he is also interested in the legal aspects of state action in the national and international context, as well as in the associated manipulation of the population through propaganda and the defense of liberty and human rights. Mr. Quast also works as a solution-focused consultant and is a founding partner of the SUBJECTSOFT Corporation.